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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


For most of the day today, I was really looking forward to getting to the gym after work. But then I fell asleep on the train going home, and by the time the train pulled into my station, I thought about just going home. But I have not worked out very much in ther past 2 weeks and the triathlon is less than 6 weeks away. So I made myself turn right when exiting the train station (left takes me home). And then I decided to do an indoor brick. My first brick probably in 21 years! I took it slow and easy and kept the distances low, but it was surprisingly easy. I was pleasantly surprised at a low heart rate, even when I was running. I will see how my knees feel tomorrow but I plan to repeat next week, with a bit more intensity.

I bought a wetsuit. It wasn't cheap. I'm sure I won't spend that much on a dress for my cousin's bar mitzvah ( I am taking Leslie's advice-- I'm going to buy a new dress--preferably something sleeveless to show off my arms and shoulders).


Flo said...

The shirt is yours. Email me your address to fhulihee at gmail dot com and I'll put it in the mail today.

Vickie said...

Shelly, I saw your post on Flo's blog. I see we are about the same age and probably dealing with some of the same issues with this triathlon thing. Good luck on your upcoming race!