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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Low Fashion IQ

When each of my sons became a bar mitzvah, I bought a dress appropriate to the occasion. So I have 2 grown-up dresses in my closet. These dresses are now 6 and 4 years old. I have worn these dresses on numerous other occasions, usually other bar/bat mitzvahs. My cousin has three sons. The 2nd is doing the bar mitzvah thing in June. I wore one of the 2 dresses to the first bar mitzvah. But I don’t remember which one I wore. Should I ask him to look at the photo album to tell me which dress I wore so I can plan on wearing the other one? How many times can you wear the same dress to family events before you become a cliché? I have enough difficulty remembering to purchase a new pair of panty hose for these events. The thought of having to buy a new dress during triathlon season is more than I can bare. If I wear a trendy shawl with my tri suit……. Damn, the trisuit cost more than 1 of the 2 dresses! I will have to ask my nieces for advice. They are very fashionable. Even my mother is more fashionable than me. She will probably give me "the look" if she sees me in one of those two bar mitzvah dresses yet again. Maybe I can borrow a dress from her.


leslie said...

Even if your mother is fashionable, it's bad for your soul to wear her clothes. Get a new dress. Wish I could come shopping with you! Take one of your nieces.

Flo said...

That is so funny. I too can dress for just about any race and look pretty darn good, but going out to dinner?? Owww, that's tough. Does spandex go with cashmere??