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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Batavian Taper

I have mentioned previously that as an employee of the State University of New York, I get to travel to various campuses across NY for assorted meetings. So here I am in Batavia (I had friends and family believing that Batavia is a small town in Bulgaria). In order to get here, I had to fly to Rochester, rent a toy car (Kia Rio), and drive 30 miles toward Buffalo. I had the option of spending 2 nights in the Genessee Community College dormitory, but opted for the Days Inn. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the hotel has wireless.

I did bring a pair of sneakers and the college does have a decent fitness center, so I may jump on the treadmill, but I'm pretty much "tapering" for the triathlon on Saturday. Not that I was swimming, biking or running huge mileage from which I need to taper, but it sounds good. Mostly I'm just doing the academic thing, listening to people talk and eating. I did bring my little Canon and I have been taking pictures around Batavia. So that's keeping me on my toes-- you never know when the perfect Batavian photo-op is going to strike! Like having lunch in the physical therapy lab and finding an entire table of little skeletons that have been decorated. Having discovered that you can make little slideshow movies with iMovie, I can't resist including Batavian Taper, a photo blog.

Soundtrack by John Mellencamp, Small Town

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