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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Slaying Demons

Today was the perfect day for almost anything, especially killing off swimming demons. DH and I went to visit my aunt who still has a summer bungalow on a lake. My family had a summer home for many years here, and I spent the first 18 summers of my life in, on, and around this lake. I even worked as a lifeguard at the camp across the lake for 2 years! So it is a very familiar and very comfortable place. We brought a little inflatable boat, and first he rowed while I swam, and then we switched. The water was still very cold, probably about the same as last week. But this time I stood waist high in the water for a few minutes, and went in nice and easy. The first 3 minutes or so were a little uncomfortable (cold, difficult to get into a rhythm), but then I got more comfortable. I swam out for 10 minutes and turned around. On the way back I actually started feeling pretty good! My ears were feeling cold, but the rest of me was OK, even my arms. I'm not sure how far I swam, but it was more than 1/3 mile. DH was equally successful. Mission accomplished. Begone Evil Open Water Swimming Demons!!

Today was probably one of the most beautiful days of the year-- not a cloud in the sky, temp in the low 70s. So I brought my bike up to the lake, and after visiting with my aunt for a little while, I rode Lew's Flat 15. It's actually 16 miles, but Flat 15 sounds better than Flat 16. I rode it hard and fast (for me). It felt good.

Tomorrow's agenda: ride with the club, barbecue with friends. I could get used to this!


Audrey said...

hi! I am SO proud of you!!! That's great about the swimming and extremely great you two could paddle/swim and then switch.

Also, I never commented on your last post about eye protection. Coming from an eye professional (you, not me!) I thought it was HILARIOUS you noticed all of those things! So true!

Shelly said...

Audrey, maybe because I am an eye professional, I notice these things more! I also see my husband struggling with this-- he is ALWAYS misplacing his reading glasses or sunglasses.