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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Viruses Workload and Slothdom, Oh My!

When my husband came down with a nasty cold, I kept telling myself I must be doing something right because I NEVER GET SICK. Yeah, well, I got sick. He was banished to the guest room for a couple of nights and then it was my turn. I actually took a sick day last week. I spent most of the day watching TV (I love watching TV, even bad TV, especially when I'm sick and I have the perfect excuse for consecutive hours of TV viewing). After my TV vacation, I went back to work, but this is one of those colds that LINGERS, so you don't feel lousy enough to stay home, but you aren't exactly a bundle of energy either. On top of the viral invasion of body and spirit, I have a small tonnage of work that has kept me in the office until 7:00 on more than a few evenings (today's evening activity was deleting emails-- I deleted more emails than I sent!). Then there was the rainy gloomy weather last week and before you know it, slothdom has descended and enveloped me. It's gotten to the point where sleeping is making me sore. I think my body is trying to tell me to get up and move! I have a meeting tomorrow evening, and a big clump of work that has a Friday deadline. So I'm still not over the hump. But time is slipping away. I think Flo's shirt is going to be the magic bullet. Yeah, I will have to put it on and kick my own ass. Double super duper ass kicking. With photos.


Anonymous said...

I too love tv!!!!!! There is always on-line tv too nowadays!!!! Yeah!!

Feel bettah!!!


Vickie said...

Yeah, I'm getting too involved with TV these days too! Must be getting old! Much as I want to do all those things like running, biking, and swimming, some days I would MUCH rathere just sit and watch TV.

Stillwater said...

Hope you feel 100% soon :)