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Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Milestone

On Saturday, my husband and I helped our son move into an apartment. He is returning to college for his sophomore year, and has opted for off-campus living with 3 buddies. Saturday consisted of driving in heavy traffic, lifting heavy items, and for me, contemplation. First I thought about whether it is wise to let him move into an apartment as a sophomore. Second, I looked around this apartment and trying to keep things in perspective, considered whether this apartment is inhabitable for 4 young men. And third, I considered this milestone in my son's life, as time marches on.

Time will tell whether his moving into an apartment is a wise decision, but based on the available evidence, DH and I both felt comfortable with it. Academically he had a stupendous freshman year. He has shown great initiative and responsibility already in dealing with the management company and buying used furniture. He has shown us that he makes good decisions, most of the time.

The apartment was basically what I expected. It is beat up and worn out by years of college students. But it is reasonably clean and functional. There is even a washer and dryer in there! What it will look like by Thanksgiving, I have no idea. Hopefully they will clean it before any parents come to visit!

And so time marches on. And when I consider the type of person my son is becoming and the choices he is making, I start beaming. I don't want to get into a nature v. nurture debate, but I do feel lucky. And as son #2 begins his senior year, I hope he will also show off his good qualities as he begins to spread his wings and move into his adult life.

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