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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Recalibration and a Lunch Date

My DH offered to ride with me today. He suggested we ride to Stone Barns and have lunch in the cafe. Stone Barns is one of my favorite cycling destinations. It is a beautiful place and believe in the concept-- locally grown food and sustainable agriculture. And the food is delicious! Thre is also a 4-star very expensive restaurant there, the kind of restaurant where you need to make reservations months in advance, the kind of restaurant we don't patronize. But I am a big fan of the little cafe. A little soup, a sandwich, and a sweet treat, and I'm good!

Before setting off on our lunch date cycling adventure, we stopped at the bike shop to
a) fix my handlebar tape which was unwinding
b) get a new little metal thingie for the wheel for DH's bike computer and
c) get help recalibrating my bike computer which has my mileage off by about 10%, since I changed the battery. It has been gypping me 10% of my mileage, which also means it has been calculating a slower average speed. Now I need all the speed I can get, so I can document my beautiful slowness accurately! Turns out you need to know the magic number which the bike dude read off of a chart, to put into your computer (that magic number is 2105 for my bike and my computer).

Mission accomplished-- handlebar tape rewound, computer recalibrated, and little metal thingie purchased. Off we went. Just before Stone Barns we stopped at the Union Church of Pocantico Hills. This little known treasure has several works of art commissioned by various Rockefellers, including 9 stain glass windows by Marc Chagall.

What a great day! I got to spend some time on my bike with DH. We visited places of great beauty and values. And I know for sure that I rode 22 miles at 11 mph. Ah, sweet slowness.

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kttrue said...

I love this. I wish I could make the days go by a bit slower. Maybe I can find a way to recalibrate the passage of time.