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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting Emotional About ..... A Building?

I am watching the last baseball game that will ever be played at Yankee Stadium..... The "original" Yankee Stadium. The "new" Yankee Stadium is being built across the street and will open next season. Before the game, there was a special ceremony, featuring guest appearances by some of the greatest Yankees ever. Some of these greats were represented by their widows or children. And of course there was some wonderful video from classic moments at the stadium. DH and son #2 are both at the stadium. I'm willing to bet DH was crying. He and I both grew up in the Bronx. He's been going to Yankee games (and Giants football games for a while) since he was 3 years old! Yankee Stadium and baseball are woven into his soul.

I didn't start to appreciate baseball until I was out of high school, but when I "discovered" baseball, I really took to it! I would watch Yankee games with my dad. I can still hear him saying, "It's 0-2, he's got no business throwing him anything he can hit." When I went to school in Boston for 4 years, I cemented my loyalty to the Yankees while surrounded by rabid Red Sox fans (thank you Bucky Dent). When I came back to NYC and got married, Yankee history became part of our history. We were at the final game of the '96 World Series when Wade Boggs jumped on the horse with the policeman. I remember taking son #1 to his first game at Yankee Stadium. When we ran out of food in the 2nd inning, he wanted to go home!

I have a friend from high school who is still a beer vendor at the Stadium. He's been working there for at least 35 years. The man is a C.P.A., but he sells beer at Yankee Stadium. I always see him when we go to games. I hope he is there tonight selling beer, closing down the stadium, making his own memories.

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