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Monday, September 15, 2008

Meeting and Greeting

Yesterday was the Golden Apple, the bike club's big event. It's a self-paced bike tour through northern Westchester County. You have your choice of 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 mile routes. We had about 900 riders. The profits bankroll most of the club's events for the year, and we donate a nice chunk of money to various charities. The club needs over 100 volunteers to run smoothly-- registration, food stops and marshalling along the route, SAG and mechanical support, putting up signs, taking down signs, etc. The week before the event, there are "volunteer only" rides so we don't feel like we are being deprived of the opportunity to ride. There is also a big "thank you" party for the volunteers. So yesterday I was the Gatorade lady at one of the busiest rest stops. I spent several hours scooping Gatorade powder into a 5 gallon cooler while Cathy poured in the water. And in that time, I got to visit with so many people! When I ride with the club, I tend to see the same group of people all the time (other "slow is beautiful" riders). But yesterday, all the rides came through, from the speedy big mileage riders to the pokey beautiful scenery people. I got to spend a few minutes with some of them. I even met some new people. I met a whole group of guys from Ecuador who are all living in Brewster. I was delighted to see Judit, who had a nasty biking accident in the early spring and has gotten back on her bike. DH came through with his buddy Jim who had the most interesting case of helmet hair I have ever seen! When we packed up our rest stop, I headed back to the main event, where lunch was been served and club socks were being sold for $2/pair! I met up with more of my people and had more than a few laughs, took more than a few photos. It was a great day NOT to be on a bike!

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