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Monday, September 01, 2008

Summer. The End. Not Really.

I hate what Labor Day has come to symbolize-- the end of summer. Yes, it does mark back to school, and that means back to work for many people. Yes, the daylight hours are noticeably shorter, and that means indoor workouts more of the time. My mother won't wear white shoes after Labor Day, but I don't have white shoes anyway. Yes, summer is transitioning into autumn, but summer is not over. There is still much ice cream that needs to be consumed, and we are getting into apple pie season to go with the ice cream. Apples, peaches, tomatoes, corn, so much good food. And then there is Indian Summer, which we seem to have every year thanks to global warming. These days are glorious and the great outdoors beckons. I spent the last 3 days riding and photographing, two of my favorite "hobbies." On Sunday I went up to Red Hook for the day. A whole bunch of bike club people spend Labor Day weekend up there, riding and exploring northern Dutchess County. I opted for a 30 miler over country roads with virtually no traffic and beautiful vistas. Later in the afternoon, Betsy and I went on a little "photo safari." Before heading home, I drove over to Bard College, home of the Fisher Performing Arts Center, designed by Frank Gehry. More photos. Then I stopped at a local farm to buy some peaches. I asked if I could walk around and take some photos, and the farmer lady even told me where to go to get some good views. Then the farmer girl asked me if I wanted to see the pig and the baby chicks. So I had a private tour of this beautiful farm. More photos! This morning I went for a club ride, another 22 miles, another beautiful day. When we were done, Billy pulled a big bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies out of his car. No photos of the cookies, just some good eating. That got me thinking about food, so I made gazpacho, a classic summer soup. So, if somebody tells you summer is over, tell them the truth, that this is a big fat lie propagated by corporate America to get you to buy notebooks and sweaters. Fight back. Eat a peach (and then listen to the Allman Brothers). Go for a run. Take some pictures of children in their summer clothes. Turn on the air conditioning. Drive with the sun roof open all the way. Go to the beach. Get on your bike and ride!

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