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Monday, October 06, 2008

10-Day Disabled List

I am injured. I have put myself on the 10-Day Disabled List. I'm pretty sure I have tendinitis in my left shoulder. I have limited mobility and pain associated with certain movements. I'm at day 4 and its getting better but there is no way I could swim. I might be able to ride my bike but keeping my arm straight and pulling going up hills is probably going to hurt over time. I could run but pumping my arms over several miles is probably going to be uncomfortable. The biggest problem, though, is putting on a sports bra and other athletic clothes. I can't do it. And if I did manage to get it on, I probably couldn't get it off. That crossing your arms and pulling it over your head thing is not possible at this time. So I am just taking it easy and not worrying about not exercising. The weird part about this "injury" is that I think I did it by sleeping on my side and therefore on my shoulder. It started on Friday morning when I got out of bed and just seemed to get worse over the day. By Friday evening I could not turn the steering wheel on my car without real pain. So I am training myself to sleep either on my back or my stomach with my arms down. And when I get through this, I know that I have to get back to the weight room. I have totally neglected this part of my fitness for several months. I have to build up the muscles in my shoulders and arms as a preventative measure. Most athletes worry about injuries associated with working out and overtraining. I have to worry about getting hurt while sleeping! I wonder if I can blame this on "The Change." What do falling levels of hormones do to your joints?

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leslie said...

Part of being an athlete is dealing with injuries, but they still suck.

A couple of years ago I dislocated my left shoulder several times. I then perfected the art of getting in and out of clothes while never putting my arms over my head. FYI, elongated sports bra tops (where your stomach is covered) are a LOT easier to get on and off than sports bras. I wear one of those tops with a UA short sleeve shirt over it for nearly every single workout.

Hope you're back to full range of motion and mobility in no time!