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Friday, November 21, 2008

If the Shoe Fits.....

Buy it in every color! That is one of the defining principles of my adult life. I have a tough time finding shoes that fit. After 2 babies, I wear a size 5 shoe (maybe its a myth, but I know many women who agree that their feet got bigger after having a baby). And in a perfect world, it's a 5 Wide! Yes, I have short fat feet, which is exaggerated by the bone spur on my right big toe which makes right shoes feel even tighter in the width. Since Americans seem to be getting bigger (and by that I mean taller), shoe companies have shifted shoe production away from the smaller sizes toward the opposite end of the spectrum. Most shoes are no longer available in a size smaller than a 6. If they are available, then each store will usually stock one size 5 in each style. I have learned a few strategies to maximize my ability to find shoes in my size:
  1. Make friends with the salesperson at your favorite shoe store. I have had salespeople call me to tell me they just received their shipment, and actually put aside a few pair in my size. This works well if you happen to like a certain brand of shoes. It also depends on putting a trip to the mall into your schedule when they call, and being open to buying shoes because they fit and not because you need them. It is also dependent upon that salesperson keeping their job for a while-- and that's where this principle often fails.
  2. Nordstroms-- they seem to carry lots of shoes in size 5. The problem here is that I don't like 85% of the shoes they carry. Most of them are "dressy" and not very practical for 95% of the time that I wear shoes, and half of them are ridiculously expensive (the other 50% are just plain expensive)! But if I need a dressier shoe, I can often find it at Nordstroms.
  3. Giordano's-- a store in Manhattan specifically for women with "petite feet." They carry only sizes 4-5.5. They are pricey, but they do seem to stock more shoes with sane heels.
  4. Call mom. My mother and I wear the same size shoe (actually, my mother and I wear the same size everything--I have gone shopping in her closet). This has its limitations because my mother usually wants to keep her shoes, especially since she also spends considerable energy finding shoes in her size.
  5. If the shoe fits, buy it in every color! This is where online shopping has shown me the way! Last weekend I bought a pair of shoes at Easy Spirit. They are brown. I am wearing them today and they feel great. A few minutes on their website, and I will soon be in possession of the same shoe in black. And they are on sale. And free shipping.
Aren't you jealous?
Don't you wish you had these shoes in multiple colors?

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