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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Swimming and Spinning

When I came home from California, I gave myself a week to get my act together. Then I got back in the pool. Even though I have lost the edge on my "conditioning," my stroke seems to have remained largely intact. I only swam 25 yards when the coach told me I was looking surprisingly good. After 3 swim workouts with the Masters Team, I am starting to feel like I have something in the tank. I only have 2 speeds in the pool-- "slow" and "really slow"-- but in another week or two I should be able to add a third speed-- "slightly faster than slow." I have been feeling it-- my shoulders and back are usually a little sore the next morning. So I guess I am doing something right!

Today I took my first spin class in months. I do hope to stay on my bike during the "off-season," but that's not going to happen on weekdays. Today's class was endurance, 75 minutes! We did hill repeats, 8 minutes seated climb, 2 minute recovery, then 4 minute climbing out of the saddle, 2 min recovery. Four sets. I didn't have difficulty getting through this but I noticed that my recovery is not as fast. It was taking a little longer for my heart rate to come down during recovery. So there is plenty of work to be done. It sure feels good to be working at it.

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