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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Winter Ride -- Short and Sweet

Today is my friend Katie's birthday. To celebrate, she organized a bunch of bike rides starting and ending at her house. To get people motivated, she promised cake and beer after the ride. She talked me into leading the C ride. When I agreed to do this, I assumed it would get warmer as the weekend approached. Bad assumption. There were only 23 degrees out there today when I got out of the car. About 15 riders came out for a ride and a birthday party, but (not surprisingly) only 1 other person showed up for my ride. We came close to riding 1 mile to the local coffee joint, but we didn't want to be total wimps so we set out on our cycling adventure. And I am so glad we did! We only rode 14 miles, so maybe I would feel differently if we were out there for a longer ride. But I was dressed right and I was not at all unhappy being out there. It made me realize that riding through the winter is totally doable. I probably need to make a few tweaks to my gear (better gloves and maybe neoprene booties), but I can do this!

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