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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bahamian Vacation

Paradise Island, The Bahamas....... very nice this time of year! We are staying at a time share villa, which is down the beach from the "action" at Atlantis, and I am happy about that. It's kinda interesting, DH and I spent a few days here about 15 years ago. We stayed at Atlantis, when it was rundown and in need of a makeover. Well, now it is a sprawling mega-resort. We walked over there last night. DH and son#1 spent some time (and money) in the casino. I had to pretty much babysit son #2 since he isn't old enough to gamble. Nothing was going to make him happy, but I refused to allow him to make me miserable. We settled on watching some football at their Sports Book and then hit up Ben and Jerry's.

Today we went to the Blue Lagoon Island for an interactive program with dolphins-- a dolphin encounter. The "swim with the dolphins" program was sold out, so we got to play with a dolphin named Shawn with 9 other people. These animals are amazing, very beautiful and intelligent and trained to entertain. They dance with you and kiss you and you get to hug them and of course, the photographers are there documenting all. I thought my kids might have outgrown this kind of thing, but they both enjoyed it immensely. And we all took something away from the experience

I have been taking walks on the beach and of course, taking lots of pictures. Yesterday son #1 and I went on a photo safari to these amazing "Versailles" gardens at one of the nearby hotels. I would like to take more pictures of the local people and the island culture, instead of Americans on the beach and vacation culture. Hopefully I will have the chance over the next few days. Island life is good.

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