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Friday, December 19, 2008

Expresso Bike

My gym has 2 Expresso bikes. Today I rode 4 miles on the recumbent and it was so fun! There is a video display and you pick your tour. You can do laps in a velodrome or a ride through a redwood forest. You have to steer to stay on the road and there are other riders on the tour. The resistance automatically changes as the terrain changes. You can set up an account and track your progress. It was much more fun than any of the programs on the regular exercise bikes.

I got in the pool with my iPod and the lifeguard got sooooo excited when she saw me swimming with my tunes. I told her the Otterbox/H20 Audio Waterproof Headphones totally rocks and she probably went straight home and ordered them. At my last Masters swim session, the coach really had me focus on connecting my breathing to my arms and emphasizing rolling to the air. Something clicked and my swimming feels much more connected. Swimming this morning and Wednesday evening reinforced this. I'm liking it. Swimming well is so much more difficult than most people realize. Making itsy bitsy improvements in your stroke can translate into big improvements in your efficiency. Eventually, that will make you a faster swimmer. But remember, slow is beautiful. I am becoming a beautiful swimmer if not a faster swimmer.

And now I am home watching it snow.

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Jon said...

Cool bike! I have never heard of a stationary bike that made you steer!

Where do you do your Master's swim program?