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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The winter solstice marked the end of my winter pre-season with mixed results. Overall, I feel like I made good progress in building in some good habits, but it was difficult to get them all aligned simultaneously. I think I underestimated the reach of the "holiday season." Cookies and treats seem to abound and party buffets make it way too easy to overeat. As the days get longer and move toward the equinox, I know it is time to establish some goals and begin to plan how I am going to get there. So my fitness goals for 2009 are:

  • Harriman Triathlon
  • 100k bike ride (a metric century)

Training for a sprint triathlon is not rocket science (although some people may be tempted to develop spreadsheets with workouts and mileage goals, etc). Basically, you have to swim, bike and run, and mix in some strength training, core workouts and stretching. Some cross training keeps it fun, and for me, being outdoors is always a plus. Riding 62 miles requires riding progressively longer rides until you are ready for 100k. You can ride as slow as you want, so it’s more about focus than physical strength. For both of these goals, you always have to provide your body with good nutrition (and by that I mean food and not “products”).
I have decided to break my plan for achieving these fitness goals into months. This will give me the flexibility to re-evaluate and reconsider what is or is not working. My goal for January is to start getting all the pieces in the mix. From now until January 31, I plan to swim, bike run, lift, stretch and do core workouts. No mileage goals or emphasis or set number of days per week. I just want to start doing these activities to get a sense of what feels easy or hard. It’s more about making a commitment and mentally focusing on the roadmap to get there. The theme for the next 38 days will be “focus.”

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