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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Green Thoughts

Still sick. My cold has marched northward from my lungs to my nose. The intense coughing has subsided, but the runny nose and sneezing has commenced. I did go to work today and got some things done, but left a little early, after coating all available surfaces with rhinovirus. Getting out of the house and not wearing pajamas all day was a delightful change. But I must admit that the option of planting myself in front of the TV for yet another day and watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of television shows that I never really watched did have a certain appeal. The X Files—might be worth renting on Netflix. Ditto NCIS. And of course, there’s always episodes of Law and Order or Law and Order SVU or Law and Order Criminal Intent on at least one channel within the Direct TV spectrum. But I digress.

The other activity in which I invested some time while home was blogatation; reading other blogs and pondering where I want to take my own blog. But that assumes I want to take my blog in a specific direction, which I don’t believe I do. I actually prefer to drag my blog along behind me, wherever I am going, instead of the other way around. On the other hand, reading other blogs has taught me a great deal and has provided me with many moments where I have had serious conversations with myself about what I believe and how I should behave. My sick days were spent pondering blogs about living simple, green and frugal. My general feeling is that while I have made some small steps in this direction, there is more that I can be doing. But far more thought provoking is trying to decide how far I should expect my family to accompany me along this road. As the person in charge of 90% of the food functions in this household, my family is getting dragged down this road, whether they know it or not. But son #2 will be off to camp this summer and then off to college and DH and I will become empty-nesters. We will have more opportunity to change our lifestyle and daily routines. We have already had a few conversations about selling the house, downsizing and moving to a community with lower property taxes. As much as I hate the idea of sorting through everything we own and selling, freecycling, and trashing a good chunk of it, I love the idea of having less stuff. I think that means I have to start thinking about downsizing my life now, regardless of whether we decide to sell the house or not. It’s far easier to keep something than to make the decision to get rid of it and then devise a plan to actually make that happen. What ever happened to the 7 Things Project? It may be time to resurrect this promise to myself to get rid of stuff I don’t need.

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