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Friday, December 05, 2008

The Long Sudafed Night

I'm still sick. This is some rhinovirus! It seems intent on staying with me for as long as possible. On Wednesday night I was so stuffy and sneezy that I took a Sudafed. One little 30 mg expired little red pill. And it kept me up until at least 4:00 am. That's an awfully long time to lie awake in your bed and not sleep.

I am one of those people that does not like to take medicine. Luckily, I am healthy enough that I don't need to take very much medicine. I am also one of those people that believes that one way to prolong a cold is to take cold medicine instead of just letting it run its course. So why did I take that 1 stupid little Sudafed!?!? I guess I was just so miserable after coughing and sneezing for 96 hours (but who's counting) that I just wanted to sleep. That's the irony!

Now, the active ingredient in this Sudafed, which has probably been hanging around the house for years, is pseudoephedrine, the chemical that is used to manufacture crystal meth. Hmmm, I'll bet crystal meth is a stimulant! According to Wikipedia, methylamphetamine " is also used illegally for weight loss and to maintain alertness, focus, motivation, and mental clarity for extended periods of time." Damn, all that alertness, focus, motivation and mental clarity and I was trying to sleep through it! I could have spent the hours between 11 pm and 4 am cooking and cleaning and writing articles for publication in prestigious journals. I didn't even get up to watch TV. I just listened to DH breathe and stared at the clock for hours through the darkness of that sudafed night.

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Audrey said...

it's all about the Sudafed PM!! :) they have two different kinds (normal and nighttime).

feel better!!!!