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Friday, December 12, 2008

WPS Update

The Winter Pre-Season has been going well in some respects and a disaster in others. I have been preparing meals based on fresh good-for-you ingredients—soup, stir fries, oatmeal for breakfast. I have packed lunch most days, usually leftovers. I also have a stash of lunchables in the freezer—mostly generous single servings of homemade soup, so I really don’t have an excuse for not bringing lunch to work. I have been microwaving my leftovers in cheapo plastic containers and I know this is bad. So today I brought some old dishes into work and put them in the little communal kitchen. This builds on my already established habit of packing real utensils and a cloth napkin in my lunchbag. As a result of this good habit, I am definitely spending less cash. But, there are days when I don’t get outside at all even for a walk down the street to buy lunch. I think I need to work on this (more about this later).

I am drinking more water during the workday. I fill my water bottle from the water fountain. I don’t drink bottled water. I have decorated my water bottle with reminders of my goals such as “100 k = 62 miles.” I plan to ride a metric century in 2009. As a holiday present to myself, I ordered a stainless steel bottle. I want to eliminate nalgene bottles from my life (I ordered bottles as gifts for my nieces and DH too).

I have not been inside the gym in just about 2 weeks. I had a nasty slow-moving cold that kept me home for a couple of days and feeling like total crap for over a week. Then I got my period just for good measure, which marked the beginning of the headache that will not leave. And finally I just felt sorry for myself for a few more days and convinced myself that I deserved to go home and sit in front of the TV.

I have had a headache off and on for about 4 or 5 days now. I think it’s from a combination of “triggers,” but not getting any exercise and not getting any real exposure to natural light is definitely not helping! The exercise part is easy to fix. It’s called “driving to the gym when I get off the train instead of driving home.” I also think I need to spend time outdoors. This is tough when sunrise is at 7:13 am and sunset is at 4:27 pm, but I need to make this happen. When the weather was warmer I used to bring my camera into the city and sneak out for walk around the neighborhood. Haven’t done that in a long while. And there is so much going on in NYC this time of year, starting with the holiday market across the street in Bryant Park. So the next 2 weeks of the WPS will be about getting to the gym and getting outside. And maintaining the other good habits I have put into play.

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