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Sunday, January 11, 2009

BFJ in the Kitchen

Yesterday was a bit snowy, and even though it wasn't as bad as predicted, it was a great day for cooking and watching the football playoffs. Here's how it went down.
  • A week or so ago for no particular reason, I went down to the basement and brought my Zojirushi bread machine up to the kitchen. I started the cooking festival by throwing the ingredients for a plain wheat bread in the pan and pushed the start button. A few hours later, the smell of fresh baked bread filled the kitchen and I pulled out a simple but lovely loaf of bread.
  • I also decided to make some yogurt cheese, so I dumped a container of yogurt into some cheesecloth and set that up to drain. This morning I dumped the cheese into a bowl and add some fresh herbs. Its not exactly cream cheese, but I'm learning to like it.
  • I had seen this recipe for sweet potato galette and decided to give it a go. I cooked up some greens -- I had kale and some leftover swiss chard. I had a peice of manchego cheese which I bought because I had never even tasted manchego cheese and I was feeling adventurous, so I grated some of that. This turned into one very tasty concoction!
  • I had defrosted some chopped meat to make a meat loaf but son #2 declared that very boring and decided he wanted to make empanadas. So he found a recipe, made the dough and the meat filling. Rolling out the dough and building the empanadas was very labor intensive (much more work than he ever anticipated!) but he stuck with it and we finally got them in the oven. Beef empanadas and sweet potateo galette-- now we're talking about some good food!
  • Finally I finished the gravlax that I had started on Thursday. Gravlax is a salt-cured salmon, similar to nova lox, Jewish soul food. Basically you make a paste of salt, sugar and citrus, and assorted herbs, cover the salmon with it, and stick it in the frig for 48 hours with something heavy on top of it. Then you wash it off and slice it. Slicing 3 lbs of salmon is the hardest part. I put several small bundles of lox in the freezer.
  • This morning I had a nice slice of toasted wheat bread with herbed yogurt cheese and gravlax for breakfast. Wanna come over to my house?
The giant mountain of dirty dishes was a small price to pay for the great food and time with my family. It was definitely a Big Fat Junkanoo kinda day.

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