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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Pin

About 3 years ago, I bought this small pin in Posman Books, the independent bookstore in Grand Central Terminal. I put it on my backpack. You see, before it was about Obama, it was about Bush (and Cheney), and how every day he remained in office was a day of incompetence, fear, lies and loss. Lost lives, lost opportunities, lost jobs, lost homes, and a lost future. I took the pin off my backpack yesterday and I wore it. I replaced my Bush’s Last Day pin with love and hope. I watched the inauguration with a group of colleagues, a diverse group, and felt a positive energy fill the room. I felt all that we had in common instead of everything that made us different. I saw the challenges ahead as we rebuild America, and felt the commitment of all whom had gathered to move forward. It was indeed my first Big Fat Junkanoo moment of the Obama presidency. I took my Bush’s Last Day pin and put it at the bottom of my jewelry box. I want to keep it, but I want to focus on the positive energy and not the failures of the past administration. I don’t have an Obama pin, but I’ll find something tangible to put on my backpack to represent the love and hope.

Tuesday evenings is Masters swim, and I totally kicked my own butt and rocked the workout. The workout was 2900 yards, emphasizing continuous swimming!!! And even though I swim too slow to get through all that yardage, all that positive energy was definitely with me and I had it working. What a great day to be an American swimmer.

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