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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Spin, A GNO, A Run, A Swim, A Fill, A Hike and a Zen Lunch

On Wednesday evening, I made it to the gym for JK's spinning class. They moved it back to 6:30 from 6:00, so now it is well within the realm of possible. JK is one of favorite spin instructors because, quite simply, he looks good. And he plays mostly classic rock. A little Dave Matthews mixed in, and before you know it, you've been going up and down hills, doing sprints, and fantasizing for 45 minutes.

Thursday was a rest day becuase it was Girls Night Out. The Book Club That Doesn't Read the Book (don't even pick a book) had a wonderful get together at a Tapas restaurant. What a great group of women, each with their own story. All of them have taken charge of their lives, made decisions to do it with a spouse or without, and have dealt with every curveball life has thrown at them. The "Keeper of the Stories" threatens to write a book, possibly with a chapter about each woman. My chapter would be very boring, but that's why they keep me around. I provide a yardstick for measuring their craziness.

On Friday evening, I did a core workout, and then I got on the hamster wheel, (or dreadmill as my tri-friend John refers to it). I can't remember the last time I ran, that's how much I have neglected running. It was time. I ran the 2 slowest miles ever run by anyone in the history of the world and I pretty much hated it. I think I resented the fact that I felt like I had to run and it was punishment. Oh well. At least I had my iPod to help me get through it. More classic rock.

I was back in the gym bright and early today for Masters Swim (8:oo-9:30 am on Saturdays, talk about punishment!). After just a few weeks of consistently making it to 2 Masters swim workouts each week, and consistently doing varied workouts, the swimming is getting easier. I am not getting faster, but I can get through the workouts better and I can hold onto my form for longer. The last part of today's workout was a killer-- swim 50 yds hard, rest 2 min, swim 100 yds almost as hard, rest 2 minutes. Do that 4 times, and don't slow down. It didn't seem so bad when he wrote it on the board, but he did warn us that physiologically this would be one where you have dig deep to find it. Yep, he knows what he's talking about. I thought my lungs were going to explode on the last 100. But that's what it's about, finding out how hard you can push. My shoulders are feeling the love.

Then this afternoon, I headed to the nail salon for a fill. This is also part of my routine. I have fake nails and every 2 weeks, they have to be filled in because they grow out. I have a love hate relationship with my fake nails. I hate the maintenance and having to find time to get them "done" on their schedule and not mine! I am a slave to my nails. But I love having pretty colored nails that don't chip or break. The fake nails is one of the few girly girl things to which I prescribe. I don't do make-up except for special occasions, and I don't spend time or money clothes shopping. I prefer to spend my money on fake nails and personal training.

Tomorrow morning I am going hiking with our little group of hikers from the gym. It is going to be VERY COLD tomorrow morning. Then we are going to a nearby Buddhist Monastery for a Chinese New Year lunch. The monastery is supposedly very beautiful and I am glad I am going to have a chance to see and experience it. Hope to have some photos tomorrow. So I am defintiely accomplishing what I set out to do this month, getting all the pieces in play, and feeling the positive energy from it. All in the confines of an ordinary life.

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Audrey said...

that's so interesting about the nails!! i never would have pegged you as a nail junkie!! i hope you had a great chilly hike!