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Friday, February 06, 2009

For February

January was successful. I got back to the gym on a fairly consistent basis. I have been swimming twice a week most weeks, I am back with a personal trainer to ramp up my strength program, I am doing core warm-ups, and doing more cardio. I am eating cleaner and my weight has come down a pound or two. So February is here and now it is time to step up the intensity. Time to run harder, spin faster, empty the tank. Combine the pieces to create a more intense workout. February has me traveling more than usual. And usually those trips provide too much opportunity to eat way too much. It won’t be easy to “stay the course,” so it will be important to maximize return on investment. Gotta Step It Up (GSIU).

On Tuesday, I got my ass kicked (again) at Masters Swim. First we swam 300 yards, slowly. Then we swam 25 yds, 12 times, with a theoretical rest of 20 seconds between laps. But as the slowest swimmer, every time I got to the wall, the coach was 1 second away from the 5 second warning. Eeek! Then we kicked 300 yards slowly and kicked 25 yards 12 times. AND then we repeated the whole set with a different stroke (breaststroke for me). Finally we did a 100 IM, and I could barely get my arms out of the water for the butterfly. Somehow, I got through those 100 yards. When I got home, I realized I could barely lift my arms. The next day my inner thighs were sore from all the kicking. Ah, beautiful soreness, it sure feels good!

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