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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Fat Junkanoo Metric Century

One of my goals for this cycling season is to ride my first metric century (that’s 100k or 62 miles). This is actually taking precedence over triathlons. I am still committed to swimming with the Masters Team and I try to run a few miles once a week, but more than anything, I want to be on my bike. I felt it 2 weeks ago when the temperature shot up into the 60s and I went out for my first ride. I felt it this past weekend when I was ready to ride on a morning when the temp was only 27! Luckily we deferred until the day morphed into a totally beautiful afternoon. And I felt it the following day when I rode with my cycling friends, as we all struggled to conquer the hills on a 20 mile ride. So I am starting to put a plan into place to accomplish this goal. First, I am recruiting other club members who want to join me, other slowpokes, who may or may not have ridden a metric century. If I’m going to be spending more time on my bike, going out for longer rides, I would like some company. I expect there are quite a few club members who are in the same place. They would like to get stronger and welcome a challenge, but a full century is just too much (unless it is really flat), and they lack the speed to go on longer club rides (because the longer rides are typically faster as well). But you have to be willing to commit the time. Going out for a 35-40 mile ride when you only ride 12 mph is gonna suck up a good piece of your day. We can obviously support each other and hopefully share the responsibility for leading rides. I don’t mind being the “organizer,” but I don’t want to be the person making all the decisions about where, when and how much to ride. Second, I have started to put together a schedule of rides that work towards this goal. There are already some club rides that are a little bit longer than usual, and some events that present opportunities.

I guess I have spring fever! I’m not sure how long this heightened motivation will last, so I might as well use it to create a plan to achieve this goal. Tapping into the power of community and making a commitment to myself and my community of slowpokes; it’s the Big Fat Junkanoo working its magic.

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