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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Taking it Outside

I was in the pool at 8 am because I am a swimmer, that's what I do. Today the coach talked about "erasing lateral bias" mostly because my turns are much better from my right than from my left. Today's practice wasn't as strenuous as most because the coach had more to say. We ended with 100 free, and for the first time, he actually told me my time, gave me a concrete way to measure my improvement. I have improved to the point where I can actually think about improving.

But it seems that all the swimming has not translated into riding up hills. Today was unseasonably warm and I jumped on the chance to pump up the tires and take my bike out. Yes, today was a day to take it outside. I didn't ride very far, only 11 miles, but even the little hills felt big. I would have thought that my swimming fitness would translate into cycling fitness, the whole crosstraining concept. Well, I am leading my first club ride of the season tomorrow, 20 miles. Maybe it will feel a little easier tomorrow.

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Audrey said...

i totally thought i would be better at biking than i am b/c i run-and i am SO bad about biking!! it's a different beast!!

i hope you had a great weekend outside!