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Friday, March 13, 2009

Trickle Down Fitness

I took a spin class on Wednesday and I felt awesome. It was only 45 minutes but I felt like I was able to go hard without my heart rate going crazy. Then in the pool yesterday, we swam for over an hour solid and spent about 15 minutes practicing turns. We quit a little early, and I know I could have kept going, I had alot left in the tank (but I decided to spend the extra time in the hot tub!). So, the time spent in the pool has paid off and I feel stronger in a cardio kind of way (although not in a hill climbing kind of way). It was a Big Fat Junkanoo moment. The commitment to swimming and the community of swimmers that helped me get through those workouts-- that's what made me stronger. This cross training thing really works!

What I am still learning to accept is that all this hard work is not going to make me faster. I swim slow. I ride slow. I run slow. Sometimes I get discouraged because I am so slow and all the effort doesn't make me faster. I have to keep telling myself that its not important. Most of the time I have myself convinced, but then something will happen that invites comparison. For example, the coach will time us and I realize how slowly I swim compared to everyone else on the team. And I know I shouldn't be comparing myself to anyone else, and if I do want to compare myself to other people, how about all the women my age who think bobbing around in the pool with a noodle is exercise. But sometimes being slow despite the effort is really frustrating. I wish some speed would trickle down.

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