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Sunday, April 12, 2009

JGOB and Friends

I ride with a core group of 6 or 7 women. We have been known as “The Ladies of C” (we are C level riders, as in A through D) and more recently simply GOBs (Girls on Bikes). Today, Easter Sunday, I thought we would be the JGOBs – Jewish Girls on Bikes. But in fact 15 men and women of diverse religious backgrounds (as least that is my assumption because I certainly didn’t ask) showed up, including 2 other JGOBs. This was a surprise because at 10 am, the temp was 40 at most and a cold steady wind was blowing (it was warmer in Juneau Alaska). We were dressed in varying degrees of winter gear. As we headed north on Rt. 22 with a fierce headwind, I thought to myself, “if we have to battle this for 34 miles, I am dead meat.” And indeed I am dead meat. The ride was pretty hilly especially the first half and the winds picked up on the return. At certain points I had to pedal going downhill to keep moving and on the flats so I wouldn’t get blown backward. This was the most difficult ride I have done yet this season. I had to go to that place within me to find my inner beast, something to keep me moving forward. The title of this ride was “If I Should Fall Behind,” (Bruce Springsteen song) which was a very apt description, as the JGOBs stuck together in the back. But at one point I thought the title should have been Give Me Novocaine. But we did it. Mighty GOBs, Fierce GOBS, Beautiful GOBs, GOBs Who Get the Job Done, Slow and Steady GOBs, GOB Goddesses, The GOB Force. I think we need GOB jerseys.

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Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

I dunno, I like the Jewish Girls on Bikes idea. It's catchy. PS: How is one a little vegetarian? Is that like being a little pregnant? ;-)
Thanks for the comments - I wanted you to know that nearly every day Baboo has a double Boca on whole wheat and I eat egg-beaters crustless quiche. Have for months. We're due that Garmin, wouldn't you say??