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Friday, April 03, 2009

Psycho Bike Computer

At the beginning of the month, I took the battery out of my bike computer to set the odometer back to ZERO for the new season. I rode about 25 miles. But the next week when I went to put my bike in the car, I noticed that I had over 3,000 miles on the odometer! WTF? Well, maybe my bike, Dolce, is having a relationship with DH's bike, Isaac, and her wheels are spinning all night long every night! Or maybe there was a spike in the time space continuum. So I pulled out the battery and reset the odometer again. This time I didn't put the computer back on the bike and kept it in the house. This time the bike computer only rode 1900 miles. Okay, time to consult with the bike shop dudes. The only thing they could suggest was to change the batteries. So I did that and psycho still rode 3899 miles, at an average speed of 28 mph. Now I am forced to conclude that the bike computer is terminally demented. So today psycho bike computer was replaced. There's just so much we GOBs (Girls on Bikes) can take! Don't mess with my equipment.

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audrey said...

Ha!! I've never heard of such a thing!!! :)