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Saturday, June 06, 2009

All Good

Today the club had a "tailgate party." All the rides started at the same location and when we all rolled in, we pulled out all the food. No grills are permitted, so people prepared assorted salads and desserts and other goodies. The vegetarians in the group were very happy, since there were very few dishes with meat. One person lives very near the park, so she stopped at home to heat up the scallop empanadas! That's pretty serious tailgating!

I went on the C ride and we were a large group, so I decided I would hang in the back to make sure everyone was OK (I guess I volunteered to be the sweep). Sure enough, about 3 miles out, the guy in front of me got a flat and he didn't know how to change it. No problem! One of the skills I had practiced last week at bike camp was changing flats. I stepped up and got it done. I actaully got it done twice because the first tube wouldn't hold air. By the time we caught up to the rest of the ride, they were on their way back, so my ride was a little short (27 v. 31 miles) but I felt strong (I must admit it was not a particularly challenging ride).

When I got home, it was obvious that someone on the street was having a party. My neighbor is having a birthday party for one of her daughters and they have a slip n slide set up on their front lawn. This is becoming an annual event. Last year the slip n slide was relatively small. This year he covered the entire lawn with it. There are about 30 kids having the best time. They are non-stop sliders!. I love seeing active kids. There are way too many fat kids who never get outside and never move their bodies. Seeing these kids having so much fun and being physically active makes me happy.

Now a shower and then I will start to prepare dinner for my family-- all 4 of us. Son #1 is home from college for another week, before he and son #2 both head off to their jobs at Camp Shohola. And then it's the empty nest. So I am trying to enjoy the time we have together.

All good, it's a beautiful Saturday in my part of the universe.

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