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Sunday, June 07, 2009

It IS About the Bike

This morning, the 5 GOBs plus David met up at 8 am to practice riding in a paceline. It was more difficult than on the flatter less traveled roads of western MA. It was at times a little scary pulling off the lead on Rt. 100, with cars whizzing by. But we stuck with it as best we could and it definitely made a difference. Today was a beautiful day and after taking care of a few errands, I really wanted to get outside again. So I went over to the bike path and rode another 20 (flat) miles.

The odometer on my bike computer reads 625. Not too shabby, considering most of the miles came in 25-30 mile increments. It made me realize that this is what I am about this season. Perhaps it is partly because of getting forced out of the pool by my inflamed shoulder. I do plan to resume swimming as soon as I am able, but I don't miss the running. Well, maybe I miss running a little, but I can easily live without "cranky knee syndrome." I can think about triathlons again next winter. But not this season. I am planning on leading a slow paced metric century in August and I am signed up to ride the Rhode Island Century in September-- advertised as the flattest century in the east. So for June, I have to think about longer rides, because for 2009, it IS about the bike.

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