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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tour de Ulster

Yesterday DH and I and our friend Mary rode the Tour de Ulster. This tour started in Kingston and wandered through various towns in Ulster county. What a beautiful ride on a surprisingly beautiful day. As in finally a day in June with NO RAIN. Mary is an outstanding cyclist and athlete but she hasn't ridden much this season, so she was happy to slow down to my pace. And DH was hoping to meet me in the middle. He agreed to ride at my pace but was hoping he could gently push me to a slightly faster pace (he was only moderately successful). Between my beautiful slowness over a 51 mile route and Mary's flat, we were not quite the last people to finish up. This was not a problem at all, because we really enjoyed being out there, being with each other and rolling along. DH and I rarely ride together, and I really enjoyed having him with me but not pushing me. The only downside--by the time we finished, all the food was gone. I was really hoping for a hamburger after riding 51 miles. I did eat a banana and 3 Fig Newtons at the 30 mile rest stop, but I was really looking forward to a hamburger. So guess what, DH bought me a hamburger at the diner. Now you know why I love the man!

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Audrey said...

some miles and a trip to the diner!!! it's like my ideal weekend! yeah!