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Sunday, July 26, 2009

106 Miles, Mud Tracks and a Massage

(For starters, my friend Laurie is doing great. She is still in the hospital, but her surgery was very successful and she is starting to move around. Hopefully she will be coming home soon)

Today was the Harlem Valley Rail Ride, which has evolved into a getaway weekend for DH and me. I rode 106 miles over 2 days, which translates into almost 8 hours on a bike. During that time, I find my mind wandering and going in all directions. Much of the time, those thought are directed at life as a cyclist, past, present and future. But other random thoughts find their way into the mix:

Seems like I am going to have plenty of time to get to know the sweep. I'm faster than the lady in the yellow jersey...... damn, she's bailing, she's getting into the van. If Lance can climb for 6 miles up a mountain, then I can climb over this ridge. Where are those ladies going? Why do I do this? I could live in that house. Wish I knew more about flowers and birds. Who is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame tomorrow other than Ricky Henderson? I really need to pee. I really need to drink more water. I hope they have Fig Newtons at the rest stops. I like Blue Gatorade. Hmmmm, should I put on my rain vest? Glad I'm not riding 50 miles on a mountain bike. Wow, look at that, sheep! Woodstock was 40 years ago.

When it was all done, and we changed our clothes and packed up the bikes and the gear, I told DH I needed ice cream. We stopped in Amenia NY at a great little ice cream stand and I had a Mud Tracks cone (vanilla ice cream with chocolate pieces and tiny Reeses peanut butter cups. It was awesome. On the way home, DH mentioned that he was supposed to have a massage that evening and I knew that I wanted one too. Luckily Michele the massage therapist had time for 2 massages. After that, I was content to sit in front of the TV. I plan on getting into bed early. I could get used to this.

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