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Sunday, July 05, 2009


The theme for the 3 day weekend was go out for a bike ride, then go to a party. Each day featured a 30ish mile ride and hamburgers and hotdogs, but each event was also unique and had different footprints.

On Friday, I led a club ride named "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"in honor of the King of Pop. One of my GOBs, Jill, broke her foot 2 months ago and hasn't been able to ride. She's finally back on 2 wheels, but she doesn't have the endurance or the speed that the other GOBs and friends have at this point in the season. But she was determined not to stop until she got enough. She wore herself out but she made it! DH went on a different ride with a few friends, one of whom owns a million dollar home on Winged Foot Golf Club. This is a very exclusive club-- the US Open has been played there many times, most recently in 2006. They have fireworks every year so he had a big BBQ/party for his friends and family and his kids friends. So there was an interesting mix of young and old people wandering through the backyard onto the 10th tee. When it got dark, we walked onto the golf course and watched a great fireworks show. It was really awesome! On a scale of 1-10, 7 for the ride, 6 for the food, and 9 for the party/fireworks. Total of 22 points.

On Saturday I went out for the easy ride, but we were a small group and we were able to ride at a faster pace than advertised. It was a beautiful day, the first really beautiful day in a very long time. You could actually FEEL the sun. In the late afternoon we headed over to GOB Judy's lake house for a potluck BBQ. DH took advantage of the lake to do an open water swim, since he is scheduled for a triathlon next month. I am the designated paddler when he swims. I do NOT let him swim unless accompanied by a boat. He had a crappy swim but we had a lovely time at the party. Ride gets 8 points, 8 for the food, and 8 for the party (really nice people and awesome location) for 24 points.

Sunday was the club's July 4th shindig at the John Jay Heritage Center-- a perfect place to have an event celebrating the birth of our nation! GOB Jill wanted to do the 31 mile C ride but was concerned about not being able to keep up. So I told her it was time to HTFU (Harden the F*&k Up), but I would cut her a little slack by starting a little earlier to get a head start. This turned out to be a perfect strategy. A few other riders joined us on our slower paced journey and I enjoyed the smaller group and the easier pace. It was another beautiful day (that's 2 in a row!). After the rides we had a giant pot luck lunch and BBQ, and the food was fantastic! There were so many different and delicious salads and desserts, and so many people to spend time with-- old members, new members, fast riders, slow riders. The ride gets 8 points, the food gets 9 points (for diversity and deliciousness) and the party gets 9 (for getting over 100 club members in the same place to share a meal and the historic location). So 26 points! and the trophy for the best holiday weekend ride+party.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Shelly for your leadership and most of all friendship. I appreciate the time you took out of your riding schedule to accomodate my C- needs. You taught me the value of HTFU. -Jill-