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Monday, July 06, 2009

The Change

When I saw the gynecologist in March, I had not gotten my period in 3 months, and my symptoms of menopause had increased. She ordered blood work in order to ""see where you're at." She called me a week later to tell me that I was done. Well, she said, "it could happen, but I would be very surprised if you got your period." My symptoms subsided almost immediately after that, and I got my period a few weeks later. Aftr I had mentally gotten over the hurdle of being "old," I got slammed. Now my period won't go away, and my symptoms are escalating again. For a while it was one or the other, now it's both. I really wish my body would make up its mind! It's making me hot and sweaty and tired and grumpy. And I don't like being those things, especially tired and grumpy.But i guess I have to HTFU, because I don't really have a choice, do I?

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Audrey said...

omg, it's possible to be in limbo for a while having symptoms of both1?!?!? siiigh.

i'm sorry you're uncomfortable! i had one doctor tell me that my PMS was b/c "my body was getting ready to have a baby, isn't that exciting!" (i was 25 at the time-not 12-and knew exactly what was happening). i was like, do you know how awful i feel and that i don't fit into a dress i have to wear to a wedding this weekend??? stop being happy and help me make it go away!!!

oh the joys of womanhood. anyway, feel better!