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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Empty Nest Week 1

On Friday, son #2 was deposited in his dorm at Northeastern University in Boston (Son #1 had taken himself back to school a week earlier). DH and I spent Friday evening with some friends in the Boston area and came home on Saturday evening. We were up early on Sunday for the Golden Apple, our bike club's annual bike touring event. DH was a marshall and I was a Gatorade Barista at one of the food stops. On Monday, I went for my ride with the boys, went food shopping, did some cooking, and had a little BBQ at a friends house. I've been trying to keep myself busy and not spend too much time at home because it feels a little too quiet. Even though I am used to them being gone during the summer, this feels different. It really is bittersweet. On one hand, the freedom from the daily activities of parenting is awesome. And then there is the pride at looking at them as independent young men. But I guess I just plain miss them, too. I want to hear their voices and share stories. I want to help them and protect them, too and it's hard to let go. I know they can help themselves and I can't protect them from all the bumps and bruises that may come their way.

I was putting away some laundry and I came upon a stack of T-shirts that son #2 had stashed away, his own little T-shirt Hall of Fame. One was a shirt he wore when he was about 3 years old, and it came down to his knees. Where has the time gone, it doesn't seem possible that he is now 18 and a freshman in college!

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