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Monday, September 07, 2009

Riding with the Boys

Today was another great day-- temps in the mid 70s, sunny skies (that gave away to clouds in the afternoon). The roads were surprisingly quiet on a holiday morning. It doesn't get much better when you are setting out for a bike ride. Today I rode with 3 guys that I had never met. None of the GOBs showed up, so I rode with the boys. They are all stronger faster riders than me, but they waited for me for the first half of the ride. Then Mark and Paul took off. Charlie stayed with me. He was my GPS.

Charlie's nickname is Action Figure. He had both of his knees replaced about 1.5 years ago, and after the grueling rehab process, he is determined not to smash them or otherwise screw them up on a bike ride. He rides slower than he used to, in lower gears, and never stands on his bike. And, he wears mountain biker protective gear on his legs and elbows. I'm not sure why he wears the elbow gear as well, but when he gets into it, he looks like an action figure with articulated joints. But he is low key and was humming and singing as we rode along.

We rode up and down the hills between Bedford, Titicus Reservoir, and the Salems for 40 miles. It was all good.

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