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Monday, September 21, 2009


I am at a meeting, and yesterday I had a small sliver of time so I visited the hotel fitness center. Hotel fitness centers in general tend to be crappy, unless you are staying at a major resort. This one was a little better than average. There were 3 treadmills, 3 recumbent bikes, a stepper, and a multi-station weight machine. There was a nice matted area about 5ft x 5 ft, and a full rack of really nice free weights. This was certainly adequate for a good away from home workout. I returned to the hotel fitness center this morning and pounded out a few miles on the treadmill. I glanced over to the rack holding the free weights and most of them were gone! A hotel staff person came in to make sure everything was in order, and almost had a cow when he saw the almost empty rack. I told him they were all there yesterday afternoon, but he already knew this because its his job to make sure the room is well-maintained and he checks twice a day. He said hotel guests take the free weights back to their rooms. How selfish is that! Are they too lazy to change out of their pajamas and take the elevator down to the fitness center? Are they so completely out of shape that they have decided not to be seen by other humans? Do they not belong to health clubs where the free weights are shared by all the members? Didn’t their parents and kindergarten teachers teach them about sharing? Sometimes housekeeping staff will find the weights and bring them back down, and sometimes not. Do people put these weights in their bags and take them home? Pathetic.


Anonymous said...

that is sooo bizarre! i've never heard of such things!!!!

Anonymous said...

-comment by audrey :)