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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tour de Putnam

I returned home from DC on Saturday evening and immediately checked my email to see if the GOBs had plans for the Tour de Putnam. This bike tour through Putnam County has several mileage options. The GOBs had decided on the 50 miler, starting at 7:30. When we all arrived and checked in, Gail had a brilliant idea. The 75 mile ride has an option to bail at 48 miles. The 75 miler is on much nicer roads than the 50 mile route, so we decided on that option. The only downside is that everyone passes you. You are traveling with riders on the 75 and 100 mile routes, who are stronger faster riders needing to move to cover the mileage. But that never bothered me or the other GOBs. In fact, we are used to it. So off we went in the morning fog on our 50ish mile voyage.

We stopped to admire some beautiful gardens.
Gail, Judy, me, Irene.

Billy (a friend of the GOBS) took the photo. He surprised us with his new look. He was too lazy to trim his beard so he shaved it off instead.

We rode up and down many hills, through portions of Fahnstock Park, and along the reservoirs. The sun came out but it never got really hot. We ate watermelon and fig newtons at the rest stops. We had the chance to talk about planning for more bike adventures, soon-to-be-born grandkids, the new Yankee Stadium, and how much Irene can eat on a 50 mile ride. The last few miles were kinda ugly as we made our way back to the park where we started. But there was lunch and some other club members who had returned from their rides. Our ride was 53 miles with about 1900 ft. of elevation. I must admit, I thought it was much hillier than that. But it was a beautiful ride and a great way to spend some time with the GOBs and Billy.

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Audrey said...

it's great to see you so excited about cycling and the GOBs! you're like a kid who can't wait to get outside and play! :)