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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why This Hotel Sucks

Once again I am on the road, this time in Kansas City for Moodle Boot Camp (Moodle is a learning management system used to develop all kinds of ways for teachers to torture students of all ages). I am staying at the Ramada in Overland Park, KS. I won't be coming back here ever. Even if I have a good reason to come back to Overland Park, I won't be staying here. Here's why:

1. The air conditioner/ventilation system is VERY loud. So loud that when I first walked into the room, I immediately walked back to the reception desk and had them give me a different room. The second room is a little better but not much. They then put my colleague in the first room when she arrived.

2. There is one restaurant within walking distance, called Steak and Shake. Guess what I will be having for dinner tonight.

3. There is no desk in the room.

4. There is no light switch within easy reach when you walk into the room. I had to wheel my luggage into a dark room and wander around in the dark until I stumbled upon a lamp to turn on a light.

5. There is no natural light in my room. My room is on the inside of the building and the window (which doesn't open) faces the indoor atrium. I have to keep the curtain closed; otherwise people walking around would be able to see me sitting on the bed (because there is no desk) surfing the internet.

6. The towels are subpar. And one of them had many little black spots as if it had been used to clean a bicycle chain, but then washed and put back into circulation. I took it out of circulation, at least in my part of the universe.

7. There are a few tiny little bugs (fruit flies?) flying around.

8. The TV has crappy audio.

9. There is no van service to get to and from the airport or anywhere else.

10. There is only 1 electric outlet that does not have something plugged into it.

There are a few positives. I have free wireless in my room. The free breakfast includes all the fruit loops and frosted flakes I can eat. The bed is very comfie. And I have a friend that lives in Kansas City that I haven't seen in about 1 year and she recently remarried. I will be spending tomorrow evening with her. So thankfully tonight will be my last night in this hotel room. She might even have fruit loops for breakfast (doubtful).

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