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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day Off ... Day On

Veteran's Day is a state holiday in NY, so as a state employee, I have the day off today. So I decided to take advantage of some exercise classes at the gym in which I don't normally have the opportunity to participate. I took a kettlebells class, and about 15 minutes into the class I was thinking, "holy crap how am I going to survive another hour of this!!!???"I was amazed at how quickly swinging a kettlebell became exhausting. Of course doing planks and push ups between sets didn't make it easier either. I can already feel my butt getting sore from doing a few hundred squats!

I also took my first ever yoga class. There are yoga classes every day of the week at my gym, but the only beginner yoga class is Wednesday morning. So this was the perfect opportunity to see what it's all about. Now, for several years I have been telling myself that I'm not a yoga-type person, and that time spent at the gym should focus on burning calories. But I know I don't spend nearly enough time stretching and I have lousy balance. And as an "over 50" person, these are 2 skills that are important to maintaining an active lifestyle. So I went into this with an "it will be good for me" attitude. I was pleasantly surprised that, not only did I find myself stretching and balancing, but it was quite challenging and I liked it quite a bit. And now, I can feel lots of muscles in my back that are getting sore, I woke them up today! I would like to invest more time in yoga classes; I think it will be time well spent. I am going to see if I can get DH to come with me, too. He had started taking yoga classes about a year ago but didn't stick with it. I won't be able to go to the beginner class, so I guess I will have to jump into the real yoga class, but I already know this won't be a problem. You just do what you can do and with practice, you get better at it! I must admit it was difficult for me to stay focused and move slowly and thoughtfully for 90 minutes, but again, this is a good thing to practice.

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Jon said...

Kettlebells are brutal! I could barely walk for 4 days after doing 1 hour of that stuff for the first time. Its amazing though how quickly they will tone you up.