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Monday, November 30, 2009

The In Between Parts

The 4-day Thanksgiving weekend was filled with bright moments, surrounding the Big Event. In addition to the usual Thanksgiving feast, we celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday. Children, grandchildren, 1 boyfriend, spouses, aunt and uncle went to see a contemporary ballet performance and then to dinner. Yes, DH and sons #1 and #2 sat through 90 minutes of modern dance without muttering one complaint or negative comment. My mom loved it. She loved the ballet and spending the day with the people she loves.

We have a family tradition of playing a game at big holiday gathering. On Thanksgiving it was Malarky. One person has the right answer to a question, such as “why do dogs dislike it when you blow in their ears,” or “why is the shot clock in an NBA game set at 24 seconds?” Everyone else has to make up an answer and try to get the other players to vote for your answer. It was hilarious. My mom is a bad liar.

My gym has a tradition of a 90 minute spin class on Thanksgiving Day, appropriately called the Pilgrim Pedal. It always features a 2nd “guest instructor,” T-shirts and water bottles, raffles for some bike apparel and gift cards, and lots of snarkety backtalk and comraderie. Plus you have a negative caloric balance when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.

I bought this jacket from LLBean to wear cycling and during other outdoor adventures into the winter months. I wore it on Sunday when I went for a bike ride with 3 other GirlsOnBikes (GOBs). We started a little later to let the day warm up. We rode some fabulous backroads and stopped at the indie coffee shop for some beverages. It wasn’t about the mileage or speed, it was just an opportunity to be outdoors and ride on a glorious November day. The jacket worked well and will work well in colder weather.

Son #2 left late Saturday night to return to college, and son #1 left on Sunday afternoon. So Sunday was a day to think about how lucky (and thankful) I am and try to hold onto the warm and fuzzy feelings. I went to a yoga class in the afternoon, prepared a light and easy vegetarian dinner, and watched some football. I feel fortified to face the craziness of December.

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