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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Riding with the Human Rain Delay

Yesterday I did a nice and easy club ride. I haven't been on my bike in 2 months, so I decided to dial it back and just enjoy being out there on a really beautiful autumn day. I waited until the late morning to get started to take advantage of the warmer temps. That also allowed me to get to my Masters swim workout (yes, I know, I am a beast). Two people showed up to ride with me, one of whom shall now be known as the "Human Rain Delay." As soon as he saw the cue sheet, he started whining about the hills, so I told him we could go as slow as he wanted, no hurry. He rides a cheap bike that is falling apart. About 8 miles into the ride he got a flat, which is a weekly event. For some reason, he has schraeder rims but presta tubes, so he uses these little adapters on the valve so he can use a schraeder pump (last week, the tire came off the rim while riding!?!). After fixing the flat, we needed to stop 2 more times for adjustments. A few miles later his pedal fell off. That was it. Paula and I finished the ride and then I drove back to pick him up. The Human Rain Delay is going to Florida this week for the winter. I hope he buys a new bike when he comes back north in the spring!

It was a beautiful afternoon for a ride, and I enjoyed being out there very much. It was in the mid 50s, and it was totally doable. It made me think that I might try to stay with it. So today I ordered a vest and jacket that I can hopefully wear to stay warm as the weather gets colder. Outdoor activities trump indoor workouts any day of the year.

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Jon said...

that must have been sooooo frustrating! Your description/name of him is hilarious! That is why I sometimes prefer to ride alone: If something goes wrong on the ride, its all on me.