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Thursday, December 24, 2009

5 Miles Wearing a Hat With a PomPom

Today was a beautiful winter day. I opted for the roads. I walked 5 miles through my suburban neighborhood. I walked fast. At times, I wanted to run, but I kept walking. It was harder than I thought! My ankles and my shins were talking to me. And my toe. And when I was done, the balls of my feet were burning. So this 13 Sixteens challenge is indeed going to be a challenge.
I bought a couple of pair of sweat pants and cobbled together a complete set of winter fitness walking performance clothing. Lots of fleece-- pullover, gloves, socks, jacket. The last essential item required before leaving the house was a hat. I had several hats from which to choose. Over the years, the hats have accumulated. Today I chose a Team USA knit hat with a pompom. My husband bought it in a gas station during the '88 winter Olympics, which took place in Calgary. The 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver are not very far away so it seemed a good choice. The red white and blue knit matches my red outdoor fitness jacket. My iPod headphones were in place beneath my hat. I was rocking and walking and it was a great workout.

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