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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My New Year’s Resolutions are probably no different than they have been for years. I guess I’m on the Resolution Maintenance Program. They revolve around a healthy lifestyle and finding a way to balance work, family and fitness. Many times these pieces have a wonderful synergy; but at other times they pull in opposite directions. I know I can always do better but I try to keep things in perspective and not get obsessive. There will be good days and bad days. As long as the net sum is positive, I think I’m doing well. Having goals or resolutions helps me to Keep Moving Forward (KMF). I shall make that my “theme” for 2010. So here are my KMF Resolutions for 2010.

  • I will eat more vegetarian meals. They are good for me and good for the planet.
  • I will clean up my personal spaces and maintain them. This will probably include getting rid of stuff that I don’t need/don’t use/don’t like.
  • I will spend more time interacting with people LIVE instead of online.
  • I will do what it takes to get ready to walk the More Half Marathon on April 25, 2010.
  • I will help DH do what he needs to do but I will not nag him.
  • I will pack lunch often and plan food in order to go to the gym after work and avoid purchasing snacks in Grand Central Terminal. Black and White cookies, our relationship is ending.
  • I will continue to find ways to use fewer resources and reduce my carbon footprint.
  • I will use commuter train time to an advantage, to read and write.
  • I will mix and match Swim/Bike/Walk/Strength/Yoga.
  • I will blog about KMF even if no one is reading because it is more fun than keeping a pen & paper version.

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Audrey said...

i think you should scrap ending things w/ black and white cookies. Noooo!! SOOOO yummy.