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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sixteens on the Hills With Toe Socks

My quest for 13 sixteens continues with miles mostly on the treadmill. Today I set the pace but let the treadmill go random, up and down some hills. I haven't decided yet if this is a good way to train, since my pace did not change with the incline. It probably makes more sense to vary the speed as the incline changes, and hopefully average sixteen minutes per mile. But that will come at a later point. Today's goal was to see if I could reduce the incidence of blisters on my toes by wearing...............

toe socks! I received some advice from a couple of runner type people that toe socks would help , so I invested $12 in these. As you can see, even my toes are short (I am contemplating hemming the toes). But I wore them for 3.5 miles of treadmilling and.......... no blisters! They did feel weird but I can handle that, especially if my short toes will be blisterless.

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