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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning Hike

Today was the bike club's traditional Christmas morning hike. We tromped around in the snow and walked around in circles in this relatively small park. Although it wasn't very strenuous, it was nice to be in the woods (off the roads) with a bunch of very nice people. Even when we are stomping around in the woods on snow covered trails, somehow, the conversations eventually find their way to talking about cycling!
For today's adventure, I chose a navy blue fleece Yankees hat (see red jacket, white neck warmer in front row in photo above). The hat "give-away" was sponsored by Nathan's, so there is also a Nathan's emblem on the hat. I don't remember ever getting fleece winter hats at Yankee Stadium, so I assume they were acquired while dining at Nathan's. It's your basic fleece hat, and it did a perfectly adequate job of keeping my head and ears warm during the outdoor trek.

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