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Saturday, December 05, 2009


November was a good month and My Iron Miles Challenge is going well, except for the running miles. I was considering running after swimming today but when I got to the gym this morning for Masters Swim, I discovered that the coach wasn't there. So I decided to switch it up and do the "landsports" first (the staff is never happy when the triathletes jump on the bikes and treadmills after swimming and leave little puddles behind). I warmed up on the arc trainer, then I switched to the treadmill. I walked up a steep incline then I did some walk/run intervals. I clocked 4 miles and headed for the pool. I swam. No workout or drills or fins or pull buoys. I just got in the pool and swam laps, taking it slow and trying to be fishlike. I was thinking 1000 yards but I guess I found my groove because I swam 1500. I could have swam more, but for the last 500, all I could think about was food. I was really hungry! So I called it quits so I could get home to some really yummy leftovers. Not a bad morning.

Then I spent part of the afternoon refreshing my memory on how to use my sewing machine. I made a bag for my yoga mat, so I can leave it in my car. Even something as simple as this is a challenge for me (I won't be selling yoga mat bags on Etsy any time soon)). I did add a big zippered pocket on the outside so I can pack some yoga clothes and flip flops too. I figured I saved $20. It was fun to exercise my creative spirit! and making something instead of buying it saves resources, very crunchy.

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