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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Body Parts

In my quest for 13Sixteens by the end of April (the More Half Marathon in NYC), I have been spending time on weekends walking. So yesterday I mapped out a 5 mile loop through the neighborhood surrounding my gym. I decided I was going to push the pace, and as soon as I got going on the paved roads, I felt it in my shins. Now I know how you get shin splints, but this subsided as I warmed up. Next I noticed my hip flexors. Moving faster is partially dependent upon lengthening my stride, and that’s what got my hip flexors in the action. This also seemed to subside as I got into a steady pace that was working for me. Next I noticed my Big Toe, which is pretty much a chronic problem. That seemed to settle down to background noise. It was just there. Then I started to feel my little toe, and I knew I was getting a blister. But I kept going....... until I got sharp stabbing pains in my little toe, from a freakin blister. I stopped and tried to rearrange my sock, but nothing was helping. The poor little piggy was very sensitive to touch, and as soon as I put weight on it, the sharp pain would return. I didn’t know blisters could do that! I could understand some discomfort, a chronic aching feeling, but being brought down by shooting pains in your little toe-- that’s like telling your teacher the dog ate my homework. I also realized I had forgotten my phone, so if I wanted to call DH to pick me up, I couldn’t (Hi honey can you come and get me, my little toe hurts). I had no choice but to hobble back to my car. Luckily it was only another half mile. The good news is that prior to being brought down by the big bad little toe blister, I was averaging just under 15 minutes/mile. I think I need to find a shoe store with sales people who know what they are talking about and find a pair of shoes that I can wear with my orthotics and get this shoe/orthotic/sock/toe thing figured out.

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Jon said...

bummer! sounds like its time to break out the mole skin and medical tape.

I always get side stitches from walking too fast, and yet I can run forever. Go figure!

Good luck with your walking. Its sound like a totally different animal from running.