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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hmmmm, now what?

Son #1 loves movies. A few days after he came home, the DVD player was pressed into action and we have been borrowing movies from the library. We were watching a very long movie, Once Upon a Time in America. It’s a 4 hour epic that required 2 evenings of viewing. We were 3.5 hours into it when the DVD player died. It just stopped working and it could not be revived. Dead. This was very annoying because we really wanted to see the end of the movie, especially after investing 3.5 hours over 2 evenings. But we had a real problem-- how do we get the DVD out of the very dead DVD player. We had to engage in serious electronics surgery. It required several screw drivers (phillips and regular), scissors, and the willingness to use brute force to break through plastic pieces to gain access to the DVD. But we had to be careful not to damage the DVD. It was actually quite fun! Part adventure, part reverse engineering. We were able to watch the final half hour of the movie. The following day we made a trip to Best Buy. Now we are Blu-Ray enabled. Nice upgrade.

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